Should a Christian Avoid Empower Network?

Empower Network From a Christian’s Perspective

Are you a follower of Jesus Christ?  Would you say that you’ve trusted Him for the forgiveness of your sin and are following Him as Lord of your life?  Are you trying to figure out what to think about Empower Network?  Thanks for taking the time to figure out if Empower Network is an appropriate business for a Christian.

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Why would I even write this post?

There are many people, some Christians included, that believe that Empower Network is a company not worth joining because of the fact that the founders Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe cuss or use foul language from time to time on their conference calls, sales videos and even training.  I’ll admit that this stood out to me the first time I looked at Empower Network as a potential business opportunity.  The question remains though, is this a reason to avoid this business when you claim to be a follower of Jesus?

Why some Christians are not joining Empower Network

1. They are offended by foul language.

2. They don’t like the focus on making money.

3. They think Dave Wood should put on some shoes :)

My Response

1. Language – I’m personally not offended when someone uses foul language.  There is nothing about someone cussing that causes me to struggle in my relationship with the Lord.  I’m not a fan of when someone take’s the Lord’s name in vain or uses JC as a explicative instead of as a name, but I think language is neutral.  It means whatever you apply to it.  If you are convicted about not using foul language and you believe that if you hear it from time to time it will cause you to stumble, you might not want to join Empower Network.  You also might not need to leave your house, watch TV, have a job, etc…

2. Money – Money is also neutral in my opinion.  Love of money is an issue.  Some have made money their god and they put all their hope on having more of it.  If you are a Christian and money is a constant idol in your life, you may not want to join Empower Network because part of it is a business focused on empowering people to make extra income.  Extra income may honestly be the last thing you need if this is a struggle for you.

3. Shoes – Was just joking about this, but unfortunately some people have a funny idea of how a person dresses being connected in some way to their relationship with God.  I’m not talking about inappropriate dress that might cause someone to struggle with a sexual sin.  So, if you have some weird foot fetish and the sight of David Wood’s feet make you struggle, you should probably stay away.  I’ve heard he goes barefoot at events too.

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Why would a Christian consider joining Empower Network?

1. Good stewardship – Empower Network pays 100% commissions to their affiliates.  That is not even close to the norm for the direct sales or network marketing industry.  A person can have life changing income with the smallest amount of people in their group when compared to almost every other company out there.  See the income disclaimer on the website though!  If a Christian is determined to build an income online, would their time be better spent sponsoring 10 people in to a network marketing company that may or may not cover the cost of their business and product or would they be better off putting 10 people in to Empower Network and being in profit after the first person?  From a stewardship of time and resources perspective, Empower Network could be a wise decision for the Christian home based business owner.

2. Personal development – One of the main products in Empower Network focuses on personal development.  If a person develops right thinking, usually right decisions and right actions will follow.  Just like a Christian should always be growing more intimate in their relationship with Christ, growth in other areas of life is necessary too.  If a person believe’s that it is God’s will for them to create extra income using the internet, they should probably be plugged in to information that will help them do just that.

3. Serving others – David Wood and David Sharpe set out to create a company that they would want to join.  In fact, they are affiliates themselves and build the business right alongside other affiliates.  They saw too many examples of greedy company owners changing things around to serve the owner instead of the distributor.  Empower Network was created to serve the affiliate and those they would share the opportunity with.  A large focus of the training is centered around serving others by adding value to their lives.  Those who serve the most people are usually the ones who see the most return financially.

4. Be yourself – The foundational product of Empower Network is the blogging system.  A person can literally blog about anything they are passionate about.  If they want to teach Bible studies using their blog, they can.  If they want to help others who are struggling as a parent or in their marriage with their blog posts, they can.  A person can literally blog about what they care about, and because of the power of the website as a whole, they will have a much better chance of being ranked on the first pages of a search in the major search engines.  There is no discrimination in Empower Network.  If you don’t like to use foul language or talk about money on your blog, that’s great.  You should focus on what you enjoy and you will attract those of like mind.

So now what?

Well, if you a Christian who is interested in making extra income using the internet are not afraid of serving others while doing it, I would love to help you do that.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Empower Network and/or join Jeremy today!

I’m personally using Empower Network to share my passions with the world as well as build a strong income in the least amount of time.  Time with my wife and kids, time serving in ministry and time focused on my own growth as a Christian are high values in my life.  Empower Network allows me to grow income without sacrificing all my time for the sake of the business.  This is a common struggle for some in this industry.

Christian or not, what do you think?  Should a Christian avoid Empower Network all together?  Leave your comments below, I’m curious to know what you think.

Loving God and Loving Others,

Jeremy Henderson

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Jason Cardamone
Jason Cardamone

Jeremy, I truly appreciate you bringing this subject up. (Especially considering your very special & strong relationship with Christianity) While I personally have never struggled with hearing bad language (as long as it's not obsessive), and I also consider myself a Christian... I have met several people who unfortunately are turned away from these minor points. After having met David Wood and David Sharpe in person, and observed them for hundreds of hours of my life, I believe their intention is good. Empower Network allows me personally to directly life my mission statement, every day: The purpose of my life is to Love, to enjoy the journey, and to inspire, teach, and serve others I thank God every day for the blessings that I see He is working through Empower Network, not only in my immediate family, but in friends & colleagues, and people from all around Empower Network.

Jeremy Henderson
Jeremy Henderson

Jason, thanks for stopping by and giving your thoughts on the subject. I know that EN has been a blessing to you and you are using it as an opportunity to bless others as well, including your family. Love you bro!