How To Create A Profitable Website

How To Create a Profitable Website

The first thing you need to do in order to learn how to create a profitable website is to begin with the end in mind. You can call this your vision of what the finished product looks like or your intention or your goal or anything like that, but this is a very important step. If you do not know where you are going, you’ll get there every single time. Take some time and think about what you want out of this website. Then write an intention in the present tense around that goal. Here’s an example:

I (insert your name) am currently enjoying great website traffic to my (insert niche) website. People who find my website by searching on google and youtube and bing and yahoo and all kinds of other places are so thankful for the site. They leave comments on my site and share it on social media and with their friends. A large percentage of my website visitors buy the products I suggest because they know, like and trust me. I enjoy one time sales and residual income from my website and am amazed at how easy it was to setup and start receiving daily income from. I will create more sites like this with ease because of how much fun it has been.

Once you have an idea of what you want to accomplish the next step is keyword research. There are so many methods and tools you can use when thinking about how to create a profitable website. This article is not focused solely on keywords though so I will just give you a few of the most effective in my professional opinion. The way I always start my keyword research for a niche site is by thinking about the kind of person who would be looking for my site. I think about why they are looking for my site and what types of things they might type in the search box to find me. What are the pleasure or pain points that they might experience around my niche or subject? Once I have a few general phrases that might target audience might use I then go to some keyword tools.

How To Create a Profitable Website – Keyword Tools

Google Keyword Tool

This is a free tool that you can use. You can use the tool without an adsense account, but it will give you more results if you create or login with an adsense account. Watch this video for a step by step on how to use the keyword tool.

One of my favorite tools is a tool called Jaaxy. I prefer to use this tool because it is drop dead simple. I simply type in the keywords for the subject I wish to rank for and it gives me a page full of results that I can then ask for Jaaxy’s suggestion on if I could rank for those keywords. If I get a green light, then I can give it a go and know that I should be able to rank a page for that keyword pretty easily. In fact, this post you are reading right now is a result of a jaaxy post and you may have found it as a result of typing something like: how to create a profitable website. Click the link below to start use Jaaxy for free. It’s free for the first so many searches, plenty of searches for you to find a good set of keywords for your profitable niche website.

After you have used a keyword tool to discover some phrases that you might use for your website, the next step is to buy a domain name.

How To Create a Profitable Website – Purchasing a Domain Name

The best thing to do when purchasing a domain name is to look for exact name domains for some of the keyword research you did. For example, let’s say you were creating a website in order to sell products to people who liked an animal called the superdupersloth. (fake animal). You might go to a domain name provider and search for:

Most domain name providers will let you know if that domain name is available, or suggest other names and extensions that are available like .net, .org,, etc… It’s best to get a .com if the exact match is available, but other extensions can work as well.

OK, so that’s a lot of information for today. I will cover more tomorrow in Part 2 of how to create a profitable website.

We will cover:

How to host your domain name.
What type of website design you can use for your profitable website.
What type of content to start adding to your website.

If you are looking for the fast track or simple way to create your own profitable website business, you should really consider becoming one of my coaching clients. I can coach you to creating a profitable website or even profitable web pages on a website that is already setup for you. Click on the link below to learn how to be a part of my private coaching group.


Sozo Life Review – Why I Did Not Join This Coffee Berry Company

Looking for non-biased Sozo Life Coffee Review?

I recently had a buddy of mine send me samples of the sozo life products.  He sent me a couple of the gourmet coffee packs that are infused with the sozo coffee berry.  He sent me samples of the energy drink called Ignite, which is supposed to help with mental focus and is also powered by the coffee berry.  He also sent me an instant coffee cappuccino packet which was I believe also has coffee berry in it.  See my video for a review of why I decided not to join the opportunity.

In the video above I share specific reasons why I did not join Sozo life at this time, but I want to be clear on this review.  Sozo Life appears to be a legitimate opportunity for a person in the mlm or network marketing industry to make extra income from home or part time and even full time if you prefer.  Here are some of the things I outline in the video.

1. In my video of this Sozo Life Review I share how the company WILL allow you to be in other opportunities while you are a distributor for them.  I think this is really cool, because there are some silly companies that will not allow you to do another opportunity at the same time.  I think that is very limiting.  I like the idea of multiple streams of income, and you should too.  I WILL WARN YOU THOUGH!

You should stay focused on one opportunity until you have reached your desired income for at least 3-6 months straight.

Most people never reach their desire income before joining something else.  A big reason for that is they really are not clear on what their goal is in the first place, but in addition to that, they do not stay focused long enough to succeed.

2. I cover another thing in the video of my Sozo Life Coffee Review that has to do with the way this network marketing company allows you to market their business.  You can visit the Sozo Life Policies and Procedures to see what I refer to in the video.  This company will not allow you to use a third party site to promote their business.  You can ONLY use their website in your marketing of the opportunity.

Let me stop for a second and say that I completely understand why a company would do this.  They want to be very careful about protecting their company from silly distributors who may do something to get the entire company shut down by the FTC.  I get it, I really do.

I do want to be honest in this Sozo Life Review though and tell you that it is really difficult to build a business online by just using the company’s replicated site.  It seems like they are forcing you in to the old school model of:

  • Build a list of your friends a family (boo!)
  • Have home parties (no thanks!)
  • Use the 3 foot rule (yuck!)

They are not forcing people to build a business this way, but they limit your ability when they say you can only use a replicated site.  If you want to build your business online, you have to use unique capture pages and offers to set yourself apart from everyone else.  There are some creative ways to do this without advertising the company and I’d be glad to help you out if you are in the company already and want to succeed in it.  Hit me up in the comments below and I’ll be glad to help you out.

sozo life review with jeremy

3. You are limited in your ability to use social media.  See my Sozo Life Review video above to learn more about that or see the policies and procedures I mention above for more information.

To conclude, Sozo Life seems like an awesome company and from the products I sampled the products seem really good as well.  The only hangup I see is the way you are allowed to market the business.  If you need help marketing this business or any other business, click on the link below and watch a video where you will learn some of the basics of internet marketing and how you can leverage long term strategies that will build your business 24/7 and give you time freedom as well.

sozo life coffee berry

Home Business – Do you have a real reason to succeed?

Building a home based business is not an easy task, there will be bumps along the road.  Most people will quit before they see success.  Why is that?  Well, they fail to do the hard work in the beginning of their business.

success in home based business

My wife posted this picture on facebook this morning.  Part of my reason to succeed in my home business is so she can continue to pour her energy in to our kids.  She is a stay at home mom and I’m so thankful that she does not have to spend time during the day earning income for our family. Instead, she is spending her time investing in our children and their growth and development.

This picture causes me to get the vapors a little bit.  I’m so thankful to God that He is blessing my online income and allowing Kate to continue to be at home with Caleb & Lydia.  My family, that is one of my REAL reasons to continue succeeding in my home based business.  It’s what drives me to keep on keepin on even when things do not go exactly like I want them to.

You know what I mean don’t you?

  • You run on ad and it doesn’t result in very many opt-ins and zero sales.
  • You send an email to your list and people unsubscribe and a few of them tell you to F off (happy days!)
  • You continue to blog but see very little traffic in the beginning stages
  • Your family asks you if you are still doing that “internet thing” and you can tell that they think it is silly.

Without a REAL reason to build your home based business, those things might cause you to quit.  Not me.  The kids in the picture above are worth the time I invest in building my business online.  You know what the hardest work is in my business?  Working on myself.  Here’s a couple of quotes that I’ve been allowing God to work me over with lately with regards to mindset.

When you want something you have never had, you must do something you have never done.

Here’s another good one.

To change your life, you need to change.

Are you working on yourself right now?  Are you taking the time to do the work in your mind so that you have good stuff to bring to your potential and existing team?  If you are not growing you are dying.  99% of the work for your home business is done by doing the following.

1. Set a clear outcome that you want to achieve.

2. Decide you are going to do whatever it takes to succeed in that outcome.  You may have to adjust the strategy along the way, but you will get there.

Once you have a clear outcome and decided to succeed, you have literally done 99% of the work.  That is the hard part.  Most people never take those steps and continue to fail.

So, what’s your REAL reason to succeed in your business?  I would really love to hear about it in the comments below.

Loving God & Loving Others,


Christian Employment Dallas Fort Worth

Looking for Christian employment opportunities in the Dallas Ft Worth area?  I’m currently in the process of both hiring and empowering Christians to create a part time income and for some full time income through empowering them to use their existing giftedness and passions and create an income online.

I recently did a couple of posts about this that you can see below.

Christian Jobs Dallas

Christian Jobs Ft Worth

You should go checkout either of those pages to learn more about what I’m talking about.  If you are solely interested in part time income by working for a Christian company or person, then comment below with the best contact information and I will reach out to you about what positons I’m currently looking for.

Requirements for Christian employment for Jeremy:

1. Have a computer with internet access.

2. Have at least 5 hours a week to work for me.

3. Ability to follow instructions.

4. Open to learning and improving.

5. Committed to getting the job done on time, every time.

If that sounds like you, leave me a comment below with your contact information and I’ll reach out to you asap.

Loving God & Loving Others,

Jeremy Henderson

Love, love, love?

All you need is love?

For some who read this post, it is what you need to make the shift and FINALLY start having success with your business or goal.  I’m here to help today.

You know, Valentines day.

But seriously.  Part of my mission is to love and I’m offering that in a unique way, today only.  Watch the video above and learn how.



90 Day Challenge – Day 12

I wanted to comment on some of the what and why of this 90 day challenge.

1. Blog and/or create a video or piece of content on this blog, my EN blog or youtube every day for 90 days.

2. Share this content with my list on a consistent basis in effort for those who read my emails to understand what I’m all about and what I desire to help them with.

3. Increase my income.  Yes, I’m not just doing this for fun, I believe that as I consistently create online real estate and serve others by adding value from what I’m already passionate about, that my income will rise over time.

4. Improve my communication skills.

5. Improve my copy writing skills.

6. Help 3-5 people make more income or sales than they’ve ever made before in a months time.

7. Completely form some specific intentions and solidify right thinking, right decisions and right actions toward those intentions.

Those are just a few of the things that come to mind.  I’ll continue to update as I grow and complete these goals for this challenge.  Thanks for hanging on with me.  Subscribe to my blog if you’d like to receive updates.

Should a Christian Avoid Empower Network?

Empower Network From a Christian’s Perspective

Are you a follower of Jesus Christ?  Would you say that you’ve trusted Him for the forgiveness of your sin and are following Him as Lord of your life?  Are you trying to figure out what to think about Empower Network?  Thanks for taking the time to figure out if Empower Network is an appropriate business for a Christian.

christian empower network

Why would I even write this post?

There are many people, some Christians included, that believe that Empower Network is a company not worth joining because of the fact that the founders Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe cuss or use foul language from time to time on their conference calls, sales videos and even training.  I’ll admit that this stood out to me the first time I looked at Empower Network as a potential business opportunity.  The question remains though, is this a reason to avoid this business when you claim to be a follower of Jesus?

Why some Christians are not joining Empower Network

1. They are offended by foul language.

2. They don’t like the focus on making money.

3. They think Dave Wood should put on some shoes :)

My Response

1. Language – I’m personally not offended when someone uses foul language.  There is nothing about someone cussing that causes me to struggle in my relationship with the Lord.  I’m not a fan of when someone take’s the Lord’s name in vain or uses JC as a explicative instead of as a name, but I think language is neutral.  It means whatever you apply to it.  If you are convicted about not using foul language and you believe that if you hear it from time to time it will cause you to stumble, you might not want to join Empower Network.  You also might not need to leave your house, watch TV, have a job, etc…

2. Money – Money is also neutral in my opinion.  Love of money is an issue.  Some have made money their god and they put all their hope on having more of it.  If you are a Christian and money is a constant idol in your life, you may not want to join Empower Network because part of it is a business focused on empowering people to make extra income.  Extra income may honestly be the last thing you need if this is a struggle for you.

3. Shoes – Was just joking about this, but unfortunately some people have a funny idea of how a person dresses being connected in some way to their relationship with God.  I’m not talking about inappropriate dress that might cause someone to struggle with a sexual sin.  So, if you have some weird foot fetish and the sight of David Wood’s feet make you struggle, you should probably stay away.  I’ve heard he goes barefoot at events too.

empower network

Why would a Christian consider joining Empower Network?

1. Good stewardship – Empower Network pays 100% commissions to their affiliates.  That is not even close to the norm for the direct sales or network marketing industry.  A person can have life changing income with the smallest amount of people in their group when compared to almost every other company out there.  See the income disclaimer on the website though!  If a Christian is determined to build an income online, would their time be better spent sponsoring 10 people in to a network marketing company that may or may not cover the cost of their business and product or would they be better off putting 10 people in to Empower Network and being in profit after the first person?  From a stewardship of time and resources perspective, Empower Network could be a wise decision for the Christian home based business owner.

2. Personal development – One of the main products in Empower Network focuses on personal development.  If a person develops right thinking, usually right decisions and right actions will follow.  Just like a Christian should always be growing more intimate in their relationship with Christ, growth in other areas of life is necessary too.  If a person believe’s that it is God’s will for them to create extra income using the internet, they should probably be plugged in to information that will help them do just that.

3. Serving others – David Wood and David Sharpe set out to create a company that they would want to join.  In fact, they are affiliates themselves and build the business right alongside other affiliates.  They saw too many examples of greedy company owners changing things around to serve the owner instead of the distributor.  Empower Network was created to serve the affiliate and those they would share the opportunity with.  A large focus of the training is centered around serving others by adding value to their lives.  Those who serve the most people are usually the ones who see the most return financially.

4. Be yourself – The foundational product of Empower Network is the blogging system.  A person can literally blog about anything they are passionate about.  If they want to teach Bible studies using their blog, they can.  If they want to help others who are struggling as a parent or in their marriage with their blog posts, they can.  A person can literally blog about what they care about, and because of the power of the website as a whole, they will have a much better chance of being ranked on the first pages of a search in the major search engines.  There is no discrimination in Empower Network.  If you don’t like to use foul language or talk about money on your blog, that’s great.  You should focus on what you enjoy and you will attract those of like mind.

So now what?

Well, if you a Christian who is interested in making extra income using the internet are not afraid of serving others while doing it, I would love to help you do that.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Empower Network and/or join Jeremy today!

I’m personally using Empower Network to share my passions with the world as well as build a strong income in the least amount of time.  Time with my wife and kids, time serving in ministry and time focused on my own growth as a Christian are high values in my life.  Empower Network allows me to grow income without sacrificing all my time for the sake of the business.  This is a common struggle for some in this industry.

Christian or not, what do you think?  Should a Christian avoid Empower Network all together?  Leave your comments below, I’m curious to know what you think.

Loving God and Loving Others,

Jeremy Henderson

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